March 2013

Bullion prices ended mixed for the week, for March and for the first quarter 2013. During the January through March period, U.S. gold futures ended down 4.8% and silver plummeted 6.3% while platinum gained 2.1% and palladium rallied 9.2%.


It was another mixed week for bullion prices. Gold prices advanced for a third week in a row but silver, palladium and platinum fell for a second straight week. United States bullion coin performances were split this week as well.


Gold Prices Rise on Week; Gold, Silver Bullion Coins Weaken

by Bullion Prices Staff on March 15, 2013

Bullion prices mixed it up this week as gold gained 1% and other precious metals retreated from between 0.3% and 0.9%. In United States bullion coins, sales slowed for both silver and gold coins.


Palladium Soars on Week, Gold Prices Up, US Bullion Coins Steady

by Bullion Prices Staff on March 8, 2013

Palladium was the big winner this week, though all precious metals in New York moved higher. In the weekly breakouts, palladium gained 8.7%, gold prices rose 0.3%, silver advanced 1.6% and platinum added 1.9%.


Bullion Prices Plunge in February; US Gold, Silver Coins Steady

by Bullion Prices Staff on March 1, 2013

Bullion prices plummeted in February 2013 with gold notably down for its fifth consecutive monthly decline and silver nearly hitting a double digit percentage loss.